the old Fourth Estate Domain Site - Rest In PiecesIf you’re a regular visitor to The FED you’re probably wondering what has happened to the old site?

That said you were probably wondering when we were going to do something about that old site – cobbler’s kids – you know how it goes.

Finally, it’s been done – we’ve merged the two sites for and into one new shiny  experience – hereinafter to be at

We’ve taken all the goodness we’ve collected over the years and thrown away all that 90’s web stuff.  If you hadn’t seen the old site, then  have a look at this doozy of a screen grab that sums up why it had to go away and die somewhere nice and quiet.  Almost looks as pretty as mUmBRELLA ;)

So check out our next event and register for tickets.

Welcome to the new Domain.  We hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to meeting you in person at our next event.


All the best

Sally, Bob and Greg.